Proposed projects


A platform for creating conditions for the development and creation of new music and other forms of art in which music plays a key role. As part of the project, writers, philosophers, psychologists and psychotherapists from various centers will jointly prepare a libretto for an opera on a collectively selected topic. The project will cover all stages of creating the work, from working on the libretto, composing the music, creating the stage design, to leading to the premiere in and subsequent exhibitions in other cities and countries.

The project's partner will be the city of Pesaro, an undisputed expert in the art of opera.

The project will be supplemented with research components, e.g. bringing closer the creative processes, exploring the possibilities of new ways of exposing music and combining it with other fields of art.

The aim of the project is to show that using the categories of low and high culture, elitist or mass culture does not apply to contemporary art, which should primarily be inclusive, participatory and should be perceived as a global public good.

Cultural Observatory

The main initiatives implemented under the project will include:

  • initiating, conducting and supporting research and diagnostic projects,
  • conducting publishing activities and organizing industry meetings and conferences.

Obserwatorium Kultury will create a platform documenting good practices in the field of cultural programmes, projects and policies implemented both in Poland and in the world and covering all seven creative categories represented on the Web.

In addition, the task of the observatory will be ongoing monitoring of the creative sector in Bydgoszcz, evaluation of projects implemented by the city, observing current trends in culture and forecasting trends for the coming years.

The reports created as part of Obserwatorium Kultury will be a repository of knowledge also for other cities - members of the network, thus they will constitute a real and material contribution of the cities to the development of the network. Experts from other cities of the network will be invited to create them, so that it is possible to create content with an international, transferable context.


A universal music education program aimed at children, using the potential of municipal institutions and the local music scene.

As part of the program, all preschoolers will be covered by systematic music education (through music classes and children's participation in meetings with live music). The universality and accessibility of the program ensures that also children from poor families will have the opportunity to participate in it.

As a pilot program in one of the municipal kindergartens, a program of everyday contact with music will be implemented for 3-year-olds. The project will also promote pro-ecological attitudes among the youngest thanks to the creation of recycling orchestras.

Actions will also be taken to promote music and folk art from the region through a program of regional education for children implemented by two youth folk bands.

As part of music education, apart from regular classes in institutions, it is planned to organize international music workshops, also in cooperation with cities of music, and a conference for Polish schools ASPNET on cultural and artistic education, with particular emphasis on the role of music as its integral part.


It is a music and social program created by an international team of artists, performers and scientists, the aim of which is to create cultural support for the transformation of Bydgoszcz and similar centers around the world, from post-industrial cities to ecological cities.

The main objectives of the project are: to create a multi-faceted agenda for a fair, ecological and inclusive transition, as well as to further develop the music sector to support and increase the international circulation of artists.

Like all cultural sectors, the music sector must adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, armed conflicts, economic and social crises. It needs a systemic change that will lay the right foundations for a more sustainable, fair and inclusive music industry. At the same time, the international dimension of artistic creation is a condition for further development of this sector.

For this, there is a need for new structures, awareness, competencies and an incentive programme. FMSN will bring the necessary knowledge by conducting a research program, as well as raise the competences and awareness of the participants of the global music market through training and building an international community around the project. The final result of the project is to be a fair, coherent and bottom-up decarbonisation of the music sector without loss for international artistic and creative exchange.


Cultural mobility means going beyond your own limits: leaving your comfort zone (where change does not occur) and traveling in order to transform. And artists who travel, taking their works with them, can comprehensively develop a vision that would otherwise be confined to a limited local environment. Mobility is therefore the axis of cultural exchange and is a prerequisite for its development. Therefore, there are plans to launch a program of artistic residencies dedicated to all creative categories, under which representatives of cities associated in UCCN will be able to create together in the Nowy Palace in Ostromecko.

At the same time, due to the city's experience in hosting artists from Ukraine, there is a need to launch an additional special program for creators and artists from areas affected by armed conflicts. In addition, as part of the project, individual and group classes on working with war trauma will be conducted, which for many creators and artists became the direct reason for abandoning the creative process.


The Drums Fusion festival, organized since 2007, is dedicated to drummers who usually remain hidden at the back of the stage, shows the richness of their achievements and stylistic diversity. Drums Fusion is a kind of musical and artistic experiments that show how much power and energy lies in the drums and an attempt to establish a musical dialogue on the stage. Drums Fusion/Roots/Inclusion aims to go back to the roots and draw attention to indigenous drumming traditions.

Bydgoszcz is inspired by the Voyage of the drum project, implemented by the City of Music, on the initiative of Kansas City. And to draw attention to the fact that it is the drum that is perhaps the most intercultural form of expression and the undoubted guardian of heritage.

International guests will be invited to participate in the event, who will share their knowledge and exchange experiences as part of conferences and workshops, and musicians from around the world will present their musical traditions.

Bydgoszcz plans to create a platform for a better understanding of the impact of drums on the history of music. Above all, however, it will be one of the few projects in the country promoting racial equality.

An additional extremely important component of the project is the Day of Inclusiveness. The festival was the first in Poland and in this part of Europe to decide to devote an entire program day to equality, shedding light on the situation of artists and professionals, people on stage and backstage, who, contrary to appearances, are still working for their place, visibility and respect.

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